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Best Suspension Lift Kits for Truck/Car/Jeep

Auto Attitudes of Monmouth County provides its customers tips for the best suspension lift kits

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Nowadays it is more and more common, to make modifications to your car with the purpose of generating a better performance or a better aesthetic appearance. Auto Attitudes of Monmouth County encourages you to learn about coilovers and how they can improve your truck, car, or jeep.

Coilovers are a type of automobile suspension incorporating a helical spring mounted on top of a shock absorber. In the aftermarket industry, the term "coilover" refers to a complete installation of adjustable dampers that are mounted on springs and are used for the lower vehicle suspensions to improve performance.

Other performance damper systems that do not include coil springs are used in combination with vehicle springs or a set of aftermarket reduction springs. While the two suspension options offer the same aggressive lowering posture and handling improvements for your car, complete coilover kits offer greater adaptability.


Adjustable coilovers feature a threaded shock body secured by locking collars. After loosening the collars, adjust the shock length by screwing the lower shock absorber body up or down to change the height of the vehicle. The coilover dampers also feature adjustable knobs to adjust the shock and rebound damping, which controls stiffness. Spring springs are more rigid than damping units to compensate for increased damping and rebound effect.


Unlike coilovers, Many performance damper kits do not offer body height personalization. But just like the coilover kits, most performance dampers include adjustment knobs to customize shock cushioning and bounce effects. Performance dampers are a good choice if you want to increase the performance of your car without having to adjust the height, as required in adjustable coilover systems.

Lowering springs

The spring kits give shorter springs and more rigid springs compared to common units. The shorter spring construction allows the vehicle suspension to go down, which reduces the height of the body. The performance advantages of a performance damper and a set of lowering springs are the same as those of an adjustable coilover kits. The difference is that the type of lowered spring installed determines the reduction of height and is not adaptable.

Suspension modification support

When installing coilovers or lowering spring kits and shock absorbers, there are other components of the suspension to be considered in the installation. Lowering the vehicle changes the dynamics of the suspension, which affects the alignment of the tire. To compensate, many vehicles require an adjustable camber kit, And common spring systems often do not provide enough adjustment to restore alignment of tires to normal parameters. In addition, you must install stabilizer bars to maximize handling performance. These connect horizontally one side of the suspension of the construction to the other, increasing the rigidity of the chassis.

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